Shameless Promotion

If you want to be promoted post a comment to this blog. I will add your book discription to this blog and all my pages.  Just give me your name and the book title you want me to promote also where you are selling it from or where it can be found.
Thank you
NO ADULT CONTENT means no porn.


3 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Saw your comment about the 100k ebook link and thought, yes why not, some shameless self promoting. I do alot of marketing anyway but a little bit here will not do any harm. I am a first time writer and in fact my book is not even ready for publish yet. Thirteen chapters already written and 75% completed. It will be self pub as an ebook. If you wish to have a look and follow, please do so…http://thewrongplaceatthewrongtime.blogspot.comThanks for the suggestion….


  2. No Problem. I think if we can get some Indi-writers to open up for self-promotion of other writers on their bloggs then I think we can increase our visibility..I for one just finished a new love romance/action/fantasy novel with a female Heroin. It will be part of a series. I will be proof-reading it before I self-publish it. Which should be in about two weeks.


  3. Amber Light Memories find it at love story told in a fantasy world just around the next corner. There are many who would state that magick does exist. They would be right. What they would not account for is the need to use that magick for good or for evil.Memories kicks off the Amber Light series in a way never done before. Mark is lost and has been lost since events took his memories. Masumi was in the same boat 'cept for a good doctor that brought her the support she needed to regain them. After a terrorist attack both young lovers were separated. Both had no clue that the other still existed.Dive into this story head first for the world where everything is what it is unless it isn't what it is. Follow the lives of these two young lovers as they piece back together the little happiness that we all strive to have.A true romance novel/action/slash fantasy.


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