The Pope Proves my point
As I awoke this morning I poured my coffee and did my usual routine. This was of course without  its ups and downs. I had spent the night proofing and my eyes still felt tired. But the day must go on and so I got up.  As a usual adult I like to read the news for the tiny bits of information that they post throughout product placement or one sided media pandering.
Though I must say today was a big step. This step was more a call for the return of the old way. For as we stand on the brink of actually achieving fair and equal rights for all in the USA the church sought to stop it. As women may finally receive the fair and equal treatment that they deserve the church sought to stop it. Well in a sense the church has always been against women. They would like anyone to believe that they are of peace and love. Yet there is only the rhetoric of hatred as it has been for centuries. Be like us or die so you can go burn in hell.
Well I though why not read past the headline maybe the Pope had come to his senses being a cross-dresser himself.  Well the whole catholic clergy are nice cross-dressers and the higher you go up the church ladder the fancier your robes get. They are like the popular girls in high school if they were not such sad hate filled individuals.
There was the pope all the way in the Vatican city where it is a crime to talk bad about the church. Remind you of anywhere else that claims a religion of peace and still stones people (cough cough ~Iran, middle east).
No honest.
An Italian comic has been arrested countless times for speaking up against the church. Then again you would figure that in a place like the Vatican atheist or anyone not catholic would basically not want to be there. Kind of like Mecca for Islam.  Yet that is detracting from the point of today.

Today the pope stated to the the US Bishops that they must step up their fight against the rights of gays and lesbians. He clearly sees no problem with denying the rights of noble individuals who have caused no harm to him or anyone else. This kind of hatred is is common in religious history so it should not surprise any of us that the church would hold strong to their preachings of hatred. Though he clearly blamed the social and economical problems on the fact that we do not live a catholic way of life. You know persecution, burnings, letting priest rape little boys. The basics. And after all it is a clear fact that all bankers are gay and lesbian activist who want to tear down the economy and just make life a living hell. I mean come on the fact that there were two wars a housing market collapse and banks basically raped the government with the bullshit that is to big to fail. But the Pope clearly stated that nope it was not the real life factors that are causing the social and economical problems. It is gays and Lesbians.
Let us not forget Ms Sandra Fluke and the other women who deserve equal healthcare. For the Pope a man who has denied himself sex except with little alter boys. For a man who refuses to touch women out of preference or maybe he was born that way. My bet is that he was born that way as was I born my way. The problem is not that women need equal and fair healthcare. No the problem is that people in the USA need to learn the value of chastity.
Yes if we all followed the value of chastity the need for fair and equal healthcare would not be around. Though would that not be living in a one religion only country. Following the rules where killing people and just brutal ways of punishment are acceptable being the new way of life. I for one enjoy the fact of what is Freedom.
Freedom to follow my dream. Freedom to be happy as long as I follow the law. Freedom from oppression that the religious fanatics offer. And most important the freedom of fair and equal treatment under the law for everyone regardless of creed, colour, gender, or religious beliefs.
That is what this is about people. Do not let this clearly closeted homosexual push the hand to take away the freedoms that we have. Do not let the child molesting advocate Pope deny the rights that all women deserve. For it is not a fight about religious freedom but that of the church not wanting to follow the laws when they run a business. For them it is about getting more money in the coffers and if they can get their way endorsed then they get more money.

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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