The magic of 10,000 readers

What a world it would be if a writer could just sit back and write. This would make it fun for everyone, wouldn’t it?
I mean what fun would it be if there was no one else around to critique you and you were granted an audience of 10,000 readers.  Yet getting this many readers is not so easy. In fact getting the first reader is just as hard as getting the 10,000th reader.
As writers we must constantly be pushing for a new and exiting way to capture the imaginations of our audience. Whether we are writing for fun or trying to teach something. There is always someone out there that has done something similar.
You must be asking then, why should we try?
Well the reasons are simple. The first part is basically money. We want to have a career in writing so therefore we need money to sustain our lives. Now very few are expected to hit such heights of such as Steven King or even Dr. Seuss. Yet there we are hacking away at keyboards and stories that keep popping up in our heads hoping for the following of just 10,000.
That does not seem like much of a following. I mean you will not get mobbed when you step of an aeroplane yet that number is the logical number for a base yearly salary.
Consider that a fresh Indie writer such as myself can write a book in about a years time and have a schedule where I have stacked my writing in a way as to be able to start releasing my books on time to be able to keep my audience interested in my works.
But let’s say that I have one book a year. Just one.
And with the power of Kindle and the ebook craze I can reach a world audience. Well almost considering there are some countries that block any kind of outside influence but that is a story for another blogg.

Ok I have my book. I post it on Amazon just like any other Indie writer at the average price of 2.99. that doesn’t sound like much but when you cut out the cost for Amazon we get about 2 bucks or so for each sell. Don’t worry I am rounding down in order to keep this as simple as possible. But say 2 bucks with that I was lucky enough to get 10,000 sells this year. Well there I would get about 20,000 dollars right. Well that would depend on how fast my book sold those 10,000 copies.

A better way than going for the 10,000 number of readers is to basically call it about 1000 new readers a month. That is a doable number. And for a fresh face like me I am expecting at the very top to only get about 400 readers and half of those being from free promotions.  yet if I get just 200 readers a month for the first year I can see an income of 4000 dollars for this year. Not bad considering that I could get food and such things that my family would need to make ends meet. Yet I could not write full time on that.
Now if I had ten books out right now and each was getting 200 readers a month then I could sit and write rather than getting up every morning at 5:30 to start driving to work at 6 and get there at 8am. Yes a two hour drive is common for people in my line of work and that owns a home.
So when dealing with getting to the Magic number 10,000 in readers just remember that you can dream of it but it would be smarter to spend time writing something of quality and building a fan base that will not just buy one book and say eh this was not worth the 2.99.
Another reason is because there are the constant writers out there that I would call piecemeal writers. For them it is not the fan base but the actual money that counts. For them they scour the Internet for tidbits of ideas. They fill books with links in order to try and garner as much income as possible from every single sale.
It is sad but true Indie writers are lumped among them. And for us trying to break out in the Ebook market because of the difficulty of landing a publisher. We are seen just like that. We are not seen as true writers. That is why we must care about our fan base. We must turn out quality books to show people that Indie writers are not money whores but actual writers.
There is nothing wrong with making money from Affiliate programs. We all most make ends meet. There is something wrong with publishing a book that is little more than a new way to market to people.

Please feel free to comment. Tell me if you think that I am wrong. But more importantly show me in your writing that you can turn out a good book.
The only thing I ask is that people use respectful language towards each other and avoid the use of profanity.

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Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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