Author of the Month April 2012

April Author of the Month: Miranda T. Valenz

I have decided to do the Author of the month on Miranda T. Valenz and her work Coyote Hills .As I was thinking about making her the Author of the month I felt it was needed to add some background as to why I felt she deserved the title of Author of the month and how everyone should share this post.
There are many things that people take into account when talking about a certain author or even genre. People tend to focus on the what and whys’ of a story. Though the problem that I as an author and a reader have found in recent years is the slight decline to the now snowball effect that is felt throughout reading and writing.
There is an accepted norm for low-level writing. By low-level I do not mean incompetence or even poor quality stories. I mean in plain English low-level spoon fed stories. With the vast publishing avenues now available to everyone we can see stories turned out which are just cookie cutter crap. There are only so many times that I can handle reading the same Harry Potter plot. It had taken me a month to find someone as a follow-up to the previous Author of the month. This author has inspired me in so many ways. The least of which is on how original her stories come off. There is no cookie cutter jargon mixed in with played out story lines. Her characters are not one-dimensional and in fact if I did not know I was reading a fiction book I would most likely state that the story was more a living memoir of her life.
Looking at my blog you can see her work there. In fact it was one of the first books that I promoted next to my own. I have enjoyed talking with her and feel that we have become fast friends. This friendship though would not dare to sway my critical judgement of her work.
I am not a thriller kind of guy. I mean I do read thrillers, well I read Steven King every five years or so. That is only I think because it takes me about five years to finish one of his tomes.
I have stated that her work is comparable to Steven King. The key points that struck me when I first read it in daylight were the fact that she was able to suck me into the story and keep me there. I felt the hairs on my neck stand on end as her Character started down the road of story with me yelling at the book and putting it down every twenty minutes or so only to pick it back up as I started reaching the end. Another point to consider about her work was the attention to detail without being to wordy. Every sense is brought to life as you feel the coldness of things and even the playful nature of the character interaction that has the ability to bring back those happy memories spent with friends or loved ones. If I am being cryptic about her story then please understand it is only because I do not want to run the risk of ruining what brilliance she has come up with. Currently I am working on my series (Amber Light) which you are probably wondering why it would have any relevance here and for her. My story is a fantasy which runs in today’s timeline. There is a darkness I am trying to put through my fantasy and in sharing it I am working on providing a new way to tell a story. It is a difficult read as much as it is a difficult project to write. The very simple-minded would only garner a first view of the story and claim that it is not worth the read. This only goes to show the statement that readers are getting used to spoon fed stories causing the loss of true readers who would dive into a story and be able to understand multiple ideas and moods running throughout the greats. I am not stating that I am great and would like to state that I am still green as an author.

As I write my series I work hard to get into that state of mind where I can see into the recesses, down where the darkness lies inside of all of us. That insane part of the brain that gives me the inspiration is where my story comes from. It was stated that the author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson spoke to the Cheshire cat and in those conversations he found the story that is so treasured today. Whether that urban legend is true or not only Charles can say. Though I would say that we all have our demons that bring us the stories we so love to write. In that case I recommend Coyote Hills as a great way to discover depths in your own soul that you did not know existed or were not willing to open up.
Asking Miranda for the honour of her being the Author of the month on my blog I posed her two questions.
In 500 words can you tell me what first sparked your drive to write the way you do?
If I give you 1000 words can you add why you chose your genre?
She responded with questions of her own, a clear sign of a good writer.

My Genre is whatever comes into my mind, I love fantasy, but I had to write that thriller because I’ve been thinking of it for years, and years.
Any time my imagination acts up, which is quite often, I start writing.
I’ve been that way since I was a little kid. What ever I think I can picture it, then I write it the way I see it.

She was quick to inform me that I had not answered her question as to what I thought of her book. As you can see from what I have written I think her book carries much weight in my writing. I would say that it is worth the wait for her next novel for it will not be a let down.  Though what says the most from her can be taken straight from her Author page found here :Miranda T. Valenz

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