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Synopsis:  The time is now. The place is Japan and Mark is
living the only life that he knows or can remember. He does not spent
any more time away from his box like apartment than is needed. That
hermit style life that he has chosen for himself is about to change.
It all is about to change because of her. After who knows how long he
has found love again or is it the same love. All he knows is that
Masumi has the eyes that he yearns for. Masumi herself comes with a
past that she herself does not even know. Their world is about to
unravel to show what lies behind this plain natural world we think we

Memories: kicks off the Amber Light series in a way never done
before. Dive into this story head first for the world where everything
is what it is unless it isn’t what it is. Follow the lives of these
two young lovers as they piece back together the little happiness that
we all strive to have.

What will e-readers like about your book? There is a maddening
sensation in the first book. The book will push you to the brink of
breaking which is needed in order to enter a world we all see everyday
but can not truly capture in our minds.

Excerpt: She had stayed awake all night sitting in a corner. She
would not leave the room where it had happened for fear that it would
be gone in the morning. For who ever it was that had done this was
clearly after something. The doctor that had brought them together was
suddenly gone and now the sudden attack.
The taking of her love.
What did they need him for?
Why was she spared?
How was she to find them when she did not know who they were?
These questions ran across her mind as the first rays of light started
to creep into the room. The light had started to reveal a scene that
was hard to bear. What she thought were shadows strewn across the
floor from some unseen source were in fact spatters of blood. It was
almost as if beast had fought for supremacy. As she the image of blood
started to become a reality in her mind copper taste of it touched her
Having spent enough time in a hospital she knew it to be real blood and
not a dream as she had hoped. Slowly she stood and knew that she did
not have much time before the street outside became crowded with
people, one of them would surely call the police and there would be
questions. The questions would not stop coming until she provided an
answer, answers that she could not provide. This fact she knew clear
as the light that was coming on stronger now.
She started from the corner where she sat. Scanning the area she
started picking up the scene and her imagination started filling in
the gaps of what must have happened.
Someone was thrown against the far wall with force. Another must have
been thrown over the desk nearest her. This was evident to the fact
that the desk looked out-of-place and the chair behind the desk was
shattered. A piece of the broken chair was missing. To her utter
horror it lay close to the stairs covered in blood. There were drips
of blood leading towards the door. Who ever was bleeding tried to
leave only to be suddenly side swiped into some left over file
cabinets breaking one.
Fear got the better of her and tears washed away the images. She had
to scan the area for clues to what had happened or what was missing
from the day before. It looked as if something was drug back down the
stairs bleeding. Only now had she noticed her own footprints in some
of the spattered blood on the stairs. There was also a missing desk
from near where she had found the legal paper.
The puzzle had started to fall into place. They had stumbled into a
robbery. They must have. Why else would someone want Mark and not her?
They must have taken him for questioning and she knew that time was not
a luxury she had. The police would hold her for questioning all the
while her love that had found her twice was now lost. She would not
sit back and let the hands of fate have their way with him. This time
she did not have the courtesy of a lost memory and in that found her
She quickly gathered every piece of paper she could find. Among the
papers she found part of a torn cloth. Not knowing what it was from
she decided that at the very least it could be used to bundle together
her findings. As she wrapped the papers together she noticed a small
glimmer out of the corner of her eye.
She froze.
It seemed as if years had passed and she was stuck frozen like a
statue waiting for that glimmer to attack. It never did. To her
surprise she had just noticed that part of the wall was damaged from
the fighting and a glimmer was coming through. Holding her package to
her chest she walked towards the wall.
The light from the wall was abnormally strong. There must have been a
secret room behind the wall with a strong light turned on because this
was not sunlight coming in. This light was stronger. But how could
there be a room if this was the wall adjacent the alleyway. Something
was definitely not normal here. Still she could not stop herself from
approaching the wall.
To her relief there was no hidden room but merely a small crawl space.
Her sense of reality had been challenged enough for a lifetime she
thought. But still she found herself crawling through this hidden
passage with her bundle of papers held tightly to her chest. Somehow
she knew this was where she had to go. The passage went on for a few
hundred meters before opening up to a courtyard.
The house was small and did not bear anything fancy. In fact it
looked out-of-place in the center of this fabulous courtyard. There
should have been a mansion sitting in the center or some grand
building in order to justify the sheer vastness of the space. Yet
there was a quaint small house which did not look bigger than a three
bedroom one story home. The walls of the courtyard were high and with
no tall buildings around it became apparently clear that no one was
meant to look inside. Why would someone want such privacy? She felt
that she needed to be in this courtyard.
“I followed this passage from my doctor’s office.” she muttered her excuse.
She rehearsed it in her mind over and over to make sure that she was
ready to answer it at the first question posed to her for being in
this secluded place, this sanctuary from the harsh life of the city.
“Take heed child you will not need such an excuse here.” a warm voice
called out to her.
“What, I didn’t say anything.” She responded.
‘Had she been talking to herself?’ the thought came as quickly as the
realization that she had not been. Looking around she found that she
was alone in the courtyard.     ‘Was the stress too much for her?’ Her
thoughts continued to stress her even more.
“Don’t worry you had not been speaking dear child. I read your mind.”
The voice said again. “Please do not be scared and come into the house
we have much to talk about.”
Masumi found her need to find out was more than the need to be scared
at what was happening. She held her package tight to her chest and
started to walk towards the house. As she stepped closer the house
which was simple before started to show unique markings along the wood
banisters and columns, each step had what appeared to be Druidic
markings but the hand railings carried markings which looked Egyptian.
On the walls were writings that she had never even seen before. Not
even in doodles of the major fantasy movies had she ever seen these.
They looked almost artistic by nature. As she approached the door she
felt compelled to continue. There was no sense of foreboding or as we
would call it a fight or flight feeling. She felt at peace. The door
opened almost instantly when she had reached for the knocker. There in
front of her stood a simple old woman. She could have been anyone’s
grandmother as she stood there holding a tray of lemon bars. Masumi
stepped into the home which looked more spacious in the inside than it
had from the outside.
The little old lady led her towards the sitting room. As this house
was of classic design there was a sitting room where guest would sit
for tea. Clearly this woman had spent time in the United Kingdom to
learn some fineries of human civility. She was not clouded by
suspicion as she walked quietly ahead of Masumi.

price .99
price 9.99

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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