The Drive

The Drive

The rain was coming down slow at first though it was supposed to get heavy by the days end.  I had decided to leave work early and would be home for dinner on time. This would be the first time in half a year that I would be home for dinner and she would be happy.
The day was not a good one and I needed to see a happy face in order to make what I did for a living seem worth it. Isn’t it always the case that we move towards those clear moments in time where our love ones bring that ounce of joy that makes the dredge that we call life worth living.
Looking in the mirror I could see that they were on my tail again and would not allow me to make it home without them learning where I lived. There was a certain darkness about today. The prey had escaped and it seemed that there had been a leak. I would go through the plan completely in my head and check the sources well before I would get to the cut off point. There would be no doubt that they would not tell me who had sent them and it would be only a matter of time before the competition had my head as a trophy. This could not be allowed and would not be allowed. I had to find a place to stop or make them slip.
I had been driving home in the dark of night and would spend some nights in the back woods in order to catch if anyone had followed or was following. It was impossible to catch me slipping though I had.  The thought came clear as day to me. The job was not a serious one but he pushed extra hard for my expertise. There was something odd about the prey it was not the usual clientele.
A simple male clerk who had heard to much and the people at the other end did not want the leak. It would seem that a single call and a drunk driver could be arranged but why me.
“You must do it you owe me.”
I never owed him though he thought I did. I would make sure that this debt that he thought I owed him would be repaid in full as well as the betrayal. I could be very surgical when I wanted to be. This prey had to be made to jump from a window yet the room where he was supposed to be did not have a window or the prey. It was clear from the beginning they wanted me. I had made it to third transport just in time. It was clear that my gut had not let me down as of yet and over prepared with multiple escape routes had slowed them but not lost them. The demon in the back of my head had plans and they would be fulfilled as it had not been satiated with the blood I had promised.
By weeks end there would be more than one barbaric murder not seen in any part of the country since my youth before I had learned the proper ways to hide my work.
There it was the turn off. I only had to make it another thirty yards before they made it around the last curve and I was in the clear to set up for them.
Car running I killed the lights and slid to the ditch in the far end just as the lights from their car broke the darkness of the underbrush. I would be hard to see in the dark fashion I was accustomed to wearing. No time to prep and not wanting to draw attention I drew my blade.  It was nice to be able to get in close once in a while.
Surely they would be searching the ditch from a distance which meant I had to move deeper into the woods. There was no need for this face off as I had yet another route that could be taken before they even entered the woods I would be home and she would be happy.
No they had broken the rules and must be dealt with.
My frontal lobe thought it funny that I should hold them to the rules that I held myself considering the work I was in. Still they had to be held responsible in order to allow for the proper checks and balances. I was not prey. When you are prey you never see it coming. I saw them in the lobby and felt them as I ascended the high rise complex.
I saw them approach the woods to my left and heard a third off to the right. They were not me. They had not trained and were not prepared for this environment. Though their stubbornness and most likely the fear as to what awaited them if they let me go was certainly at play.
I had left my coat in the car as it would only cause noise and drag me down in the brush. The new prey in their rush had not done the same. Standing behind the first I could smell the sick odour of cheap aftershave. He certainly was new to this.
I saved him the trouble of making any more mistakes with a quick flick of my wrist and pull of my arm. There I lay him still twitching from a broken neck and a slit artery.
The other two would be harder to get since they stood almost abreast of each other. Still I saw my chance as they were coming back towards the cooling body. Silly children must have decided to keep quiet so not to alert me. I was alerted by the second lane change that they were following me and the beast had made a plan even before I had turned the lights on as it became dark. Still what had saved me the most was that mere fact that I never went to see her in a hurry. I wanted to be home by dinner which was now cooling on the table. I would make it up to her with a full weekend together before I attended to the loose ends.
It was clear that this was a problem in middle management and the higher ups would definitely be appreciative of my cleaning out the clutter.
Slowly removing the footwear of the slab of meat that lay before me I put my plan into action. The beast had seen this perfectly, my training allowed it to be executed flawlessly.
With a high arch the fake Armani shoe flew. It did not make contact until it was far to their left of the new prey. Both turned giving me the opening I needed.
Standing behind them now I could see that they were similar in build. For a split second my thoughts ran the idea that they were related through my head. All things considered I had seen their stride before and their build. Even in the dark what I was looking at now was proof enough that it was the giver of the work that had sent them and he would gladly give me the answers that I now desired.
It was over in a few steps and I was back in my vehicle returning home.
“You promised me you would be home for dinner.” She spoke in a stern voice. There was a crack in it as she was prepared to cry.
“I am sorry sweety the darn client kept me waiting and then finally did not show. It was all I could do from killing someone in the building.” I consoled her. “Though I decided this weekend is ours and we will spend it together. Then I will have it out with the management and the client next week. I promise I will not keep you waiting again when I say I am coming home.”
She smiled and knew that I would not break my promise to her a second time. The thought of her having me for the weekend brought her to tears with joy and she quickly moved to heat the dinner. Her mother would be proud as much as I was.  This weekend would be archery and stalking lessons. Maybe if she shows enough improvement I will let her hunt the prey that got away with me. Middle management would give me the details and it would be a nice father-daughter day. After all what is a father if he does not include his daughter in his daily life.

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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