Spells of magick and wonder as two opposing forces fight for superiority with love stuck in the middle. Masumi learning new spells is working hard to get back the love stolen from her. The order of the Guardians is revealed to her. The steps taken towards a whole new world can not be undone.
In the meantime Mark is being taken farther and farther away.

The world of Amber Light opens up to show who is fighting for what. The rules of the game change as one is mortally wounded.

Excerpt:In the current state of things the wolves and the vampires were at half strength. This meant that the next in line for better treatment were the zombies. Though zombies did not care what treatment they got. All they did was feed. They did not care what food they received as long as it was flesh. The true fact was the only reason they had been placed in such great care was to force the vampires and werewolves to remember their disgrace. This caused daily uprisings in the bowels of the stronghold. Zombies would be taken down by vampires and werewolves. The numbers of zombies never did diminish as they were mage cast and the required number was always at the stronghold.
Mark stepped towards the altar his armored boots making no sound as he approached. The stains of failed attempts splattered the floor around the altar. The beast under the altar prayed for failure, for it was failure that fed it fresh flesh. The smell hit Mark with the feel of a sledgehammer. It would have rocked him back a step or two had the armor not kept him moving.
‘No weaknesses.’ Mark thought. A sign of weakness and the packs would attempt to tear him apart. They would fail but Suzuka would not be happy and the armor would remind him of her unhappiness through pain. He knew that every time she took him through paths of pain the light was harder to find. This kept him on edge for what if the light should vanish. What kind of animal would he turn to. Even worse what would she have that animal do to satisfy her dark desires.
The fears and thoughts on Suzuka raced out of his mind as he approached the first victim. With an armored hand he took the victim by the throat. Forcing the mouth open with the pressure of his un-naturally strong hand he took a rune which pulsed and oozed in the other hand. The fear of the victim could be seen in the eyes as they begged for death rather than coming any closer to the sickening rune. Mark paid the cries for death no attention as he forced the rune into the mouth of the victim.
“Swallow,” Mark stated clearly. “If you don’t then you will have to go through it again and that will only bring about a stronger feeling of dred to you and joy to me.”
He spoke to them in a cold voice. They knew that it would not get any easier and death would not come. They swallowed. As the rune wormed its way deeper into the body blood would leak from every oriface of the victim. The blood coming from the eyes would pool as the body went into seizures.
Mark never noticed as he had already moved on towards the next victim. Being the first victim did have its advantages, just as the last victim was the most to suffer. The second watched in horror as the first looked as if he would break his own back the muscle spasms being so strong. Non of the victims were that lucky. The second had not even felt Mark push the rune into his open mouth being so horrified at the sight of the first victim starting the change.
About the Author
I was born in Mexico but raised in California. The dark fantasy has always attracted me even though as I grew up I was never able to find a good balanced one to my likes. It was not until I was a sophomore at UCR that I was able to meet up with a friend who introduced me into the world of D&D. It was Raistlin that would drive my thoughts into creating a world based on magic that was more this world than one which is lost to the annals of time.  I have always loved writing and even though I tend to jump the gun I find that my stories are character based and charged with a lot of emotion. I have been told that a writer should not let their emotions enter into a characters line or who that character is to be. I think that is wrong.
I have always avoided being told what to do or what is the norm.
Though there are lines that must be followed (ie grammar) everything else is free range. I have chosen to breathe life into my characters and be every bit of them as they are of me.
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Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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