Working hard

Continuation of The Drive. Here our reluctant prey meets his friend for more information. As with the first story I figure on telling this series in a first person style where the main character of the segment is the one experiencing it. Enjoy

Working Hard

There was a knock at the door. The thought of who could actually be coming around this time of day wracked my mind. The store was not meant to be open for another three hours and there were not any deliveries due today. All of this put me on edge. Still I was not able to get myself fully worked up since the stress of my workload had kept me on edge pretty much for the past month.
Quickly I arranged my desk as neatly as possible. There was not much to it as I was always compulsive about keeping my desk in the best shape possible. I had to know where everything was and if ever there was something out of shape on my desk. My life depended on the neatness of my desk.
Looking through the peep-hole I saw a look that I was hoping would not be in my life. I would have to make a note in the book to find the contractor and eliminate him. The lions he had sent me did not catch this lowly lamb.
There was no time now since he knew I was here. Quickly I had to work backwards and bring about the best way to deal with the mess that they had gotten me into. I told them that he was to strong and if they were serious about taking him out then it would require more than a few lions to take him down. He would only be taken down if there was truly a need for him to be taken down.
No mistaking what had to be done I would let him in and see if I was able to get a word in edge-wise.
“Come in the door is open,”
With a soft click the door was open and closed. I was always impressed on how quickly he could enter a room. This only impressed me more due to the fact that when he wanted to not be noticed he could enter without a sound.
I knew that I had a chance, be it only one chance I was going to make the most of it.
Look there was no need to try to feed you to the lions.” I started in the usual manner as someone would to make a claim for their life. ” The management told me that you had become a liability and it was either you or my family.  I mean you are lucky as only I know that you have her waiting and trust me she is safe. But they know about mine.”
He slowly walked without turning around towards the drink cart. I knew already before he had even reached it what he would be reaching for. I had always kept a new bottle of Pier carbonated water ready for him. We after all went back decades as friends and it was he who brought me into this line of work. He needed someone to trust and I was it.
“All I can say is I am sorry I did not warn you,” I continued with a little knot in my throat.” Still we both know if I had warned you and you survived as you have now I would be dead before you. As you told me never betray your word and my word had been given before I knew the job that was asked.”
He stood drinking his water and pondering my words. There was little left for me to do except wait for my fate.
We both knew what had to be done and he was willing to forget the silence for the little information that I had. He was my friend and meant more to me than the job. I was meant to work it out with him as I was meant to keep my silence. All in all he understood what I had done was only what he had asked of me. Now came the planning. There would be a meeting in two days time. I was supposed to receive my pay though knowing the turn of events I was meant to follow my friend into the grave. They certainly knew that the lions had failed and would be requesting me to contact him. The management would want me to set him up this time and that was nothing I was willing to do. The only chance that we would have would be on the day of the meeting.
The back room was barely lit. This was how I always kept it. It would allow me to find what I needed before the unsuspecting victim had time to adjust. That would be the place for the meeting. I had the plan already worked out except now I needed to add a body to the room. The body would be his and the killing would be his. I figure it was the least I could do, still I knew deep inside that there would be more to my debt that needed to be repaid before I was allowed to go.
As I reached for the light he took a seat. the idea was simple and needed no explanation to him. The new prey would be kept alive until answers to questions could be given and directions to places that do not exist laid out. It was clear that he wanted to go for the throat. We would be leaving the business and needed to clean the records of our existence.
“You will need a room to work and a transport.” I spoke in a hurried manner as we had little time. There was so much to plan and the likely hood of new lions approaching sooner rather than later was a sure thing.
I had prepared to run myself and needed to adjust a few parts of that plan in order to fit his.

The particles of dust seemed to freeze in mid-air only to be moved by a subtle breeze that was not supposed to be there. The sense of a new form entering the building was only confirmed by the softest of chimes. The sound would have been missed if not for his raised hand.

Slowly he melted into the wall drawing two knives. We knew what was coming and had to run the steps as much as he had trained me.  I melted into the opposing wall. Though my attempt left much to be desired as any slightly trained eye would spot me standing there quivering.
The thoughts of killing someone for the first time froze the sweat crawling down my back.
A shadow filled the floor at an angle giving way to the body that was standing just out of sight.
There was a slight deminishing in the shadow giving notice of two, though only for a split second. The temperature cooled even more. The poison on their fangs could felt as much as the smell filled the room.
We would have to be fast and I knew that I was going to have to be the bait.
“I know you are out there and I got a knife so state your business or leave me alone,” my threat came out in the strongest voice I could muster though the fear was impossible to hide. The only reply was the cocking of two guns and a slight chuckle.
I repeated my threat as I inched myself back behind my desk.
“You know why we are here.” a voice broke the silence.” Just tell us where we can find him and you can go on your way.”
The thoughts came fast to me now. Both would definitely kill me just as much as he would for betraying him. This had to be played out right and my friend would not be the one to fall. “Are you sure? Do you promise?” my questions were meek, full of fear and everything they wanted to hear.  With a clear sound I dropped my knife and took the seat behind my desk. After all be it them or my friend that kills me tonight I would like to die sitting on my chair in my own way.
Two dark figures started to take shape in the doorway. Looking at each other they nodded and the first one walked in. He stood between the door and my desk. Taking a quick glance about the room he turned to face me.
“You know this would have been a lot easier if you would have just told us where he lived and we would have been done with him. Now you are to pay for the hunters sent before us and the price is your family.”
With those words he turned towards the door and nodded.
Just as the second lion entered the room with fang in hand he dropped. The look of terror would have been nice as my friend now stood in his place with his own talon piercing the neck of his prey while the other talon severed the tendons preventing the use of the prey’s fang.
Before the lion in front of me could raise his own fang to fire the poison at my friend I put him down. The thought of my family filled my head and I went to work.
My talon ripped deep into the lion even after the beast was down for good I still worked it over. I would avenge what ever I had put my family through and his pound of flesh would be joined by the rest of the management.
There was a package lying on the floor between the two dead animals. Simple butcher paper which my friend picked up knowing that I lacked the strength to even attempt to open it.
“We will make them pay for this.” was all that he said as he stowed the paper in his long coat.
I knew that it was time to go and my family was lost. This was not what I wanted for them but I knew deep inside that he would help me make the ones who caused it pay more than they did. They would regret turning on him and with my first kill out of the way I was ready to add to the count.

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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