I read, I wept, I loved

This review is awesome and I think this reader would benefit from reading my book as well. It is not your typical love romance book and I think it is great.

Fictional Forevers

akfmI’m very iffy (and cranky) about Romances and I swear on everything sacred it has nothing to do with my apparent lack of experience in the love department. Sure, I sit down for the occasional cutesy chick-lit every now and then but I usually avoid straight-up, hardcore love stories because most of the time they end up terribly generic; it’s either too draggy and full of fluff that I get bored waiting for my tears to come out or it’s too plain melodramatic that I get bored to tears. Also, there tends to be a lot of eye-rolling involved, not to mention the guaranteed impulse to gag myself with a spoon or to barf mentally at the cringeworthy declarations of devotion. Okay, so I’ve probably grown into a soulless robot but I blame it on my having read Nicholas Sparks at age 9–I thought Romantic Fiction was nothing but alzheimerlandia where…

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Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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