Scene from memories my fantasy series.

Please enjoy this excerpt from one of my novels. It has to deal with scars and love.  I hope you can all enjoy it and see the beauty of the scene. And please check out my book Love and explore a new way to tell a story that will entrap you and force you to feel what the main protagonist is going through.

For the moment they both decided to call it a night well spent in remembering. He was   left wondering if she would leave him to his dream that night. The answer was given when she began to undress and walked over to his bed. She simple stated that they were meant to be together for they had lost each other and now found each other again. She would never leave his side again and asked him to swear the same. He smiled and nodded. Though it was  not time for bed in his mind he decided drink some tea in the kitchen. She grabbed a shirt  from his closet and joined him. He brought up the thought of a memory which seemed so real. He had a balcony on which he had seen her as she bathed. The memory seemed so real but it was clear from the room that there was no balcony. She smiled and said that it was a type of magick for she
had the same fleeting memory. In the memory she felt comfort in his eyes. If the event was truly an event that had happened she would have done the same. She felt even now sitting dressed in his shirt that her body was known
to him. For the first time that he could remember he was aroused by the idea of bathing with her. He was afraid of the fear and disgust that would come to anyone having to see what his body had become. She played with the idea of bathing which
he responded to as not being possible for he he was ashamed that his body was not what she  remembered. As he explained that he was close to the epicenter of what had robbed him of his memories. The doctors had stated that he had
been lucky to survive and though the scars would not heal away completely he would regain function in his body as before.
She took him by the hand and kissed his scar. The loving look in her eyes was enough to show that the scars were of no concern to her. She said that the body was nothing more than the shell of his soul and that is what she loved. Flesh can be torn, but if the soul can be saved then love is not lost. Holding on to his hand firmly she led him away from the kitchen table towards the bath. She brought a chair to the door of the shower she sat him down. Undressing she went inside to start to
bathe. Walking out of the shower she stood in front of him with a look of pure love in her eyes. Gently taking his hand she gave a soft tug, which brought him to his feet as if he was made of paper. He was her doll now and though the shame of his wracked body which he had forgotten about, that is until the very point of her deciding to stay which left him flustered, yet completely at her command. With face unscathed he looked as any other man his age. The first couple of buttons undone from his shirt still allowed for the wracked body to be hidden. Undoing the third button she finally started to see the signs of what had been done the day his whole life, their whole life was shattered. The doctors had been  brilliant in saving his life and even more so in the reconstruction of his body. The fact of the matter simply was that no amount of reconstruction would bring back the perfect skin that had been ravaged by such a catastrophic explosion. The first scar was bright red against his naturally tan skin. Looking clearly as someone had welded his skin back together it curved slightly towards his back. This was a clear sign that his back was where the trauma had most likely impacted. She followed this scar with the tip of her index finger causing him to shiver. Though the look of disgust had entered his eyes from the sight of his own body, the look of pure love never left hers. Reaching two thirds down the side of his rib cage she noticed that bones had been removed. In actuality the fact was that shards of bones had been removed in order to keep him alive. There had been a twisted amalgamation of metal that had crushed its way through missing his liver but leaving him with only one lung. He let out a shiver when she reached the nexus of the scar tissue. Skin had been grafted onto his body to replace what had been lost. There was a second scar climbing out from his right pant leg. This was not the same as the other. This required no doctor intervention. It was a naturally healing wound. For the heat of the blast here had melted his skin leaving his leg a mass of twisted muscle. Yet by some force unknown to modern medicine, the sheer will to move again it still functioned as close to normal as possible. She was surprised when she finally looked back into his eyes. Tears had welled up refusing to cry for he had forgotten the pure love she was showing him now. Letting him know the unwavering love she had, she kissed him, which in turn steadied him. Giving him time to fully gain control she let him know it was her turn. Even though the memories of him looking at her were false he still hung his head in shame. It would be wrong to see her here now in his sanctuary. He felt that he had seen her from afar as she bathed and this would spoil that memory. Her touch was a godsend every time he felt it and this was no different. She wanted him to see what she had hidden from him. Her body was untouched by the explosion though her hand and  forehead where not as lucky. Though her hand functioned as well as could be expected giving the damage that had been stitched back together. The scar gave truth to the matter of something dear to her being held in her hand. With the twisted chunk of metal that had torn through her hand the item held in it had increased the damage done.

By Jin Okubo

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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