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Hey all as I promised, I will be posting a brief excerpt from the novel that I am currently working on. It is the companion to the book  Love  which is an interesting take on the subject matter. The story of love when it came into being was nothing more Coverfrontthan the idea of how a many may feel if they wanted to give their all to the person they love. This of course had no conflict as everyone loves in a different way. Yet the conflict came when I decided to put together an amalgam of the women that I dated through the years as the perfect woman for Robert the protagonist. It would be wrong to say that he is the narrator though he feels like it and they are his words that tell the story. But nonetheless I took him for a ride with this mystery woman that made him grow… forced him to grow no matter how much he did not want to grow. In that sense as the story of Love  goes on you get the feeling of who is this woman that he is in love with.

That is where the companion text comes in. And I originally did not want to write this story for a couple of years but the books force you to write them no matter how much you try to avoid them. My characters wanted their story to have closer sooner rather than later and that is where I find myself now. I find myself having to breathe life into the woman’s side of the coin. If Robert was the protagonist of the first book he needed a person who would be the woman that he saw daily to emerge in the companion text. So Kaoru was born.

On an interesting side note I sent a free copy of  Love to George Takei to share with him this great story that I had written. And though the logical awake part of my brain new that I would never get a response on it, secretly my subconscious was in total disarray when I never even got a thank you for the book… not even from a staffer. And while we all like to dream that our heroes and the famous people we admire check their own social accounts we know in the logical conscious parts of our soul that they cannot and probably would not want to be found drowning in the sheer magnitude of fandom that surrounds their everyday life. But who knows… someday he may be poking around in his old fan-mail and find my signed book and decide that he has some time and read it. I think he would be pleasantly surprised by it.

Anyways back to the story at hand. It is a bit of a read and it is a first draft. Here is an excerpt of chapter one of the companion novel to  Love. And for those who may think it I am not posting as I finish. I am halfway through writing chapter six and do not do a first edit until the book is done.

Chapter 1

There was just something special about the late December snow. It was not as cold as February but the slight chill did let you know that winter was upon you. She so loved the cold these days. Living solitary in that big house was nothing more than a dream to her. The mere idea that she would need to share it with someone was beyond her at the moment. Still… she found herself looking at him from across the room every chance that she would get.

He was a squirrel of a man the way he moved in and out of the starbucks. Still once a week he would run in and order the same double shot of expresso and vanish out the door. Such uniqueness was to be admired in a time when people tried so much to fit in.

What the hell could have him in such a rush? He was in and out of sight so fast that her thoughts were still forming as she watched him. There was little to the room to be admired and having this distraction was one of her little joys. Taking a look around the room she would see the boring, the plain, the utter useless cardboard cut out humans that made up society.

To her left without even turning her head she knew who was sitting there. The rancid smell of cigar smoke stung her sensitive nose. If she were to turn her head she would have seen the grotesque of a human being as the man sitting there. Had she bothered to look there he would be in the same tired shirt. Part of his gut lifting the bottom of his shirt, a shirt that was never really meant to be worn untucked. But this man wanted to make a statement. What that statement was, well no one really knew.

Still had she bothered to get a side glance in there he would be sitting a café latte with a glaze donut. The donut itself being half devoured through a gaping hole that he called a mouth. Lips so trained that even though there was no smoking allowed, they still held firm to a cigar. He would light the beast as soon as he was out of earshot from the yupee know-it-alls who had nothing better than to try and force others to live a certain way. In a way she admired the slob of a man for standing up for some semblance of freedom.

Her eyes did catch view of one of the yupee, rights for all as long as I approve of the rights cancerous beings sitting across the room from her. It was an amazing sight to see. The paleness of her skin was clearly meant to give the sign of health. Yet, there was a certain view that the woman was nothing but a plague on society. Her clothing nothing more than drapped fabric over a school skeletal display. Everything about her was a complete contradiction to the idea of health.

That sad excuse for a woman had been standing in front of her as she prepared to order. Her order was as confusing as the idea of this person coming into a Starbucks for a drink. “Excuse me, I will be having a soy, non-fat, decaf, mociato, and make sure that it is a natural no sugar moca powder.” The order still burning in the mind was nothing but a disgusting thing to order. That was not the end of the pain that Kaoru had put up with. The sorry imitation of a human had actually turned around and faced her to give reasoning for the order as if anyone else in the world would care for what reason she had ordered such a thing.

You know we can never be too careful about what we order. I usually do not order such a high calorie drink but today I am cheating. Promise not to tell? I’m Jenny by the way.” All that Kaoru could do was smile as her upbringing was not allow for the tongue lashing that this woman needed.

A soft breath of relief left Kaoru’s lips as the woman walked to the other end of the counter to pick up her drink. Making sure to take the extra time needed for that Jenny to sit somewhere, Kaoru ordered her straight black coffee, Peruvian blend. Taking great care as to avoid eye contact with that Jenny woman Kaoru picked up her coffee and headed to the seat that she no occupied.

Robert as she would later learn his name was right on time when she had spotted him. Ruffled hair and clothing that could do with a bit of ironing he would walk in a slightly brisk pace. His head would swivel back and forth watching the room, but not really looking at anything or anyone. Kaoru always liked the way that he would jerk back at the point of almost bumping into someone else but still going so far as to apologize to the other person and at one point a table. There would be a need for this man to get out of the city and live a little. Kaoru had to get to know him but how? The simple idea of sitting next to him and talk with him would have worked had he ever taken the time to sit and drink his coffee rather than head right out of the door.

What could his work be? It would be preferable to find out what is his back story before you go and put yourself in any danger. I think you should call Bill and see if he would like to earn some cash doing that freelance private eye work that he used to do for your dad. After all he is not that old. What fifty next year? Oh need to get him a present, something other than a tie.

Her mind raced with ideas and preludes to the work that was ahead to learn about this man that interested her so. It was all that she could do to keep from stalking him like the prey that he was. Though the idea of doing so did make her chuckle into her coffee. He apparently had already taken the role of the mouse. All that she had to do was to go ahead and take the role of the hawk and he would be hers. But there would be time for games later in life. She would have to see if he was worthy to put up with her and her ways. The games would test his resolve and ensure that he was not after just the carnal things in life. He would have to be smart and be willing to test his wits as well as his limits.

It would be just a waste of time to try. Just look at the way he walks around the room. His is so afraid that even a slight misstep and he would crash to the ground… even better. This is the chance to build the man that will be worthy of my love. I have wasted months with men though to be worthy only to find their troubled spots at just the right moment. Now we have the raw clay to build a man.


Well there you have it. If you all like it and want to read more I would gladly oblige you all and provide you with more as the time goes through. Thank you for reading this far and enjoy.

By Jin Okubo

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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