Companion to love 2

Recently I read a comment well it felt like a comment when in fact it was a blog post. It had to do with the move away from exposition and the idea that it should be used less and less. The idea that the exposition style of writing is fading and so right it should as the same scene can be better placed and stated through dialogue, and while it may be right for certain scenery and it may be right for many books it is not right for all authors.

There is always the move to justify one type of writing for the sake of book sales. I would like to sit here and argue the merit of exposition over that of dialogue but then again I would be no better than those who write for profit rather than to write to tell a story. I would love to say that I am write when I am not as write about promoting exposition over that of dialogue. What I can do is stand by what I say that writing is better served when you write to tell a story rather than to sell a book. When you find your readers they will stick with you longer than those who will eat your book in an hour or so and then move on. For that reason I write my books to tell my stories rather than to sell books in vast quantities. Would I love to sell my books in the hundreds, thousands, or millions, of course I would, I would to be crass “give my left nut” to increase sales. But I will not and never sacrifice my stories for the act of getting better sales.

And with that I give you a look into the companion of Love 


Robert had gotten used to having at least three of his meals throughout the week at Kaoru’s house. The comfort of the den had started to grow on him as did his comfort around her. She was not at all as pushy as the magazines made women out to be. Sure of herself and sure of him, both melded as the saying went “Peas in a Pod.”

Kaoru had spent the better part of two months preparing for the coffee shop outing to come. Twice he had taken her out to dinner, always out of the way places and always the back booths. There were plenty of times that he was willing to break some or all of his routine for the sheer satisfaction of spending an evening together with her. She had even convinced him to sleep over a time or two, though the physical pleasures had not been given into the couple still managed to enjoy the time together. “We don’t have to rush into sex,” Robert voice trembling as his hands fidgeted within his pockets.

“That is always good,” Kaoru feeling her way around his mannerisms. She had learned enough about him that he was not a confident man to say the least. There was always the fear that he would run away and by the tone of his voice, his body language, and the cracking of knuckles from within his pant pockets it was clear to her that he was more afraid of carnal pleasure than she was. So, the days and weeks went by, the biggest leap that she had offered him was quickly accepted and the two spent the day in the park holding hands enjoying the ducks and the breeze. “It would be nice if this park was in Japan. I mean I have never gone to Japan but I should have relatives there. I mean well my grandfather was Japanese I think. I never knew the man but somewhere I know that I have some Japanese in me.” Kaoru let out a soft giggle at the idea that she had just been a bit naughty with her phrasing. Still there was no need for her share her joke with Robert as he was apparently above that kind of humor. Or rather she thought that he was beyond the mere pleasures of the normal man.

He was to be treated with kid gloves but needed the right push to be shown that he would not break. She had learned this on a simple outing and though the decorations were still up it was already a week past Valentine’s day. Her reasoning for going was to do a bit of shopping while her true reason being that she wanted to show him that he would not break. Oh what a wonderful day that was. Yeah he almost broke but didn’t. Is he… Yes… he has to be ready for the next step. The coffee shop must be the place to do it. It is only right. But… what if he says no… what if he wants to not do it… you know how much he is opposed to the idea of shouting to the world what you are, no other person needs to justify what you are or who you are. But it would be nice to wear the dress.

* * *

It was a nice day to be outside, but for Kaoru, she was stuck inside a crowded shopping mall. There was so much that she wanted Robert to experience and still she was afraid, was there need for to be afraid, would he really be so on the edge that he would leave her? Her brain ran the gauntlet that was her fears on a daily basis but still she pressed on. There was now more at stake than ever before in her short life. This was a man that she needed in her life and she had to strengthen him.

Though the plan was simple, when the actual event did take place it still took her by surprise. There was not much that could phase her, even less could put her so of balance that she would lose her temper. Still… it could be done. Where is it? Just a few more shops, just a little bit longer. Please be strong my love I will be out of here soon. Then we can be back safe in our home and you can read to me. Oh your lovely voice as you read to me, the beauty that you put into words. The excitement, the revelation, the utter writers meaning that you bring into everything. I mean there is not much that I can do in the same way of reading a story. I guess that I just don’t have a reader’s voice… not even in my head. Her thoughts betrayed her composure. There was so much running around in her head that a small bead of sweat had started working its way down the small of her back. Lucky for her there was no way for anyone to guess that it was there as the fashion that she so loved was not skin tight, or in any way revealing.

“I think I would like to get a cellphone.” Robert spoke in a soft monotone voice.

Had she heard him… was he actually asking for the thing that was not in any way pertinent to the life that they were living? What was this thing that he wanted to bring into her life? She had never had a need to add any of the technical clutter that was the modern age to her life. Yes there was a place for technllogy in the world but still there was no need for it in the actual home. The so called smart gadgest s did little more than make the job twice as hard for a few seconds o speed. There was also a matter of taste to take into account. He was a man of taste. He was a man of culture. He read the greats and he lived the lives of the protagonists… sometimes to a fault. But now he wanted a… a… a cellphone. What was this new path he had taken?

Her eyes darted back and forth… without even realizing it she had frozen in place. Had he not been ready for some change in the atmosphere of being dragged through the shopping mall with his poorly, perfect, inflammatory words then he would have run right into her. She had no idea if he was actually joking there was the idea that it could be a joke. Right now he would be holding a large smile across his face. There was also the chance that he was serious. The dreadful chance that he was in all seriousness now thinking about bringing that technological abyss into their, oh so simple, life. Should she turn and face his determination? Should she show anger? Should she berate him on the facts of the matter? Should she show compassion? All of their life together was now in the balance.

Yes there was the idea that she would be taking into account the time already spent and the time to come. Either way she was not in a position to quit him or cancel her love for him. This was the true horror the flashed across her face. She had become dependent on him more so than she had realized. To set him free at this juncture would be the same to her as asking for an arm to be cut off or a foot. She just couldn’t do it, but she had to be strong. She had to see his true resolve for the matter and roll the dice.

Turning to face him the load that she was carrying in her shopping bags threw her off balance making her arms flail out. Luckily his reflexes were not affected as he was able to avoid a heavy back carrying a clay crockpot that was on sale and in sore need at the house. She was planning to make him some soup and needed it.

Allowing for her heart to start beating after the slight miss she had forgotten to relax her face. Unknowing that her face was still strong and firm she decided to give him a small lecture on the dangers of cellphones and see if he truly wanted to get one. Her words were determined and full of compassion, at least they were in her mind as she spoke them. There was nothing in her thoughts but compassion and if he truly did want to get one of the god-awful contraptions then she would oblige. Still it was in her best interest and that of his cultural, classical literature filled mind that she work hard to get him to change his mind.

“But why would you want such a thing. You know that the studies on the cancer they give are still out. I know that they may look fun and be a nice way to entertain yourself if even for a short time. There is the common thinking that the youth today have lost the taste, the passion, the sheer love of reading actual works. It is why the current works in novels, well actually the whole of the literary world is fallen to the wayside in response to the slow thinking…no that is not right… the short sightedness of people who do not want to take the time to actually read a great work. They want the fast pace short chapters that make all books feel like you read something great when in all actuality you finished it in a matter of hours and came out of it with a great loss in the ability to actually read a great work. Think of all those books at home wanting to be read and you will be stuck playing some application designed just to waste your time. The lost conversation. The…” Kaoru knew that her words had struck a nerve. There were no tears in his eyes but there was the fear. The pain of the child scolded not for doing wrong but for daring to question.

The child should not question. The acolyte should just blindly follow in faith knowing that the teacher knows what god wants. There was always the fear that everything thought was wrong and the only true way to success was through accepting and not questioning. His face lay wracked on the rocks of her words and she had not heard his plea. She needed to make amends for doing him wrong… for bringing the wrath down when all he wanted was to leave the crowds. Her plan had succeeded hours ago, but so involved was she to break him into a new form that she had missed the change. He had been drug across the coals for the entirety of the day, what had been a mere twenty minute expedition for a set of spoons turned out to be a round the world voyage through Dante’s Inferno and he was not ready for such an endeavor. Still she had brought it to him.


As always I hope you enjoy the story as it goes. This is part of Chapter 6.

By Jin Okubo

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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