Why no one reads your blog

This is totally true and to say the rhetorical phrase hit the rose on the nose if that is even a saying. I posted about this in my blog retweeter reblogger. I got some good advice about adding a chapter or so to get people more interested in my books. Either way I walked away from blogging two years ago and my book sales showed it.
Now that I am getting back into it, due in part because i finally have time, I can honestly say that my blog jinokubo.com is picking up steam.
Anyone can look at their stats and right there on the page it shows you that when you are more active you get more views. When you communicate with others you get more views, people are people it doesn’t matter if you are online or in person, introverts usually spend time alone. And while I like to be alone most of the time as an Author it is not a luxury I can have… if I want my stuff to be read.
Great post.


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