The Boy in the Woods: Part 20

A slight bit of greed goes a long way but I think overall power is what makes me want to believe that he wants to control the world



“So…what does that mean?” Oda asked Michael when he had finished telling them what he and Palesa had seen. They had left the town to meet the others in the protection of the trees.
Bristol snorted. “Obviously it means that he’s trying to take over the world,” she scoffed.
“How do you figure?” Michael asked.
“Well he’s clearly a power crazed lunatic,” Bristol replied. “And he want to make sure he has all the wishing stones so that nobody else can make any wishes. So he must be planning something big.”
“It didn’t sound like he was planning anything,” Michael said. “He’s just greedy.”
Bristol snorted. “I doubt it,” she said. “He’s probably just smart enough to not tell anyone his plan.”
“Gunther was never a smart man,” Palesa replied. “Michael’s right: he’s just greedy.”
“Well…either way we have to stop him,” Bristol cried.
“And how exactly should we do…

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