Blog vs Blog #2: Triple Match Up!

I am in match up 2 come on folks show me the love

Laissez Faire

blog vs blogI was so excited that more than one person volunteered that I just couldn’t wait!   I had thought I would only do two blogs a week but since several people volunteered I figured why not do more than one match up!

No one will know the winners for a week!

The rules are simple:

1.  Visit each blog pair and like or follow (or both) your favorite blog.
2.  Come back here and vote on the poll.
3.  Voting lasts until next Wednesday so if you want your favorite(s) to win, tell your friends and link back to this post.

1.  You can create a new post on your blog entitled “Blog vs Blog” too woo and link your readers back to this page.
2.  Feel free to comment and engage with readers on this post.

Match Up 1

Chronicles of a Wayward Son:  Confessions of  Man Trying…

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