Recently I asked my friend who is Jewish about what else besides the spiritual Kosher had for the benefit of the taste of the meat.

The conversation which I wanted to be away from the religious and fantasy I was able to get my answer. That when animals are slaughtered en mass you get the fear and anxiety running through the herd. This in turn can cause the animals to produce extra hormones and adrenaline that affects the taste of the meat.

This brought up a though that I had over a few weeks ago about Tuna. There is a tuna company that sells tuna for sashimi and sushi to Japanese companies and they have perfected a way of killing the fish in such a way as to prevent the fear and stress of death from becoming contaminated by the adrenaline and other hormones. So while there may be a reason for or even a possible connection in the taste of the meat and how an animal is killed I am not a scientist. But I thought it was an interesting point.

Share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

By Jin Okubo

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