Are You Sitting Down? Amy Hempel Co-Wrote A Novel & It’s Coming Out in July !!!

I will have to take a peek at this later after work.


the hand that feeds you

~post by Julie W. 

Today I drove down to Texas State University’s Wittliff Collections where Amy Hempel (AMY. HEMPEL.) gave a reading.

First of all.

Amy Hempel is my patron saint of short fiction. The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel was one of the first books I purchased from the very first indie bookstore that employed me. I sought out her work, as many have, on the recommendation of Chuck Pahlahniuk, who has championed her stories for years. Her sentences changed my life. I could wax poetic about it for a while, but really, just grab a copy of the collection and read it for yourself, because I have bigger fish to fry in this blog post. I have to tell you:

Amy Hempel co-wrote a novel with a friend and it’s coming out in July. 

The book is called The Hand That Feeds You and is inspired by the experience of one of their good…

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