Coffee wiener

Explain to me why this is called a coffee Weiner


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6 thoughts on “Coffee wiener

  1. I guessed maybe because, like wieners, it is full of fat, but I see that it’s made from foamed milk (which I love!). Thanks to the link from your other commenter, I now know the name comes from its point of origin, Vienna. I love what you can learn on the Internet 🙂

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    1. The funny thing is my friend on facebook found out that Vienna for the Germans was Wienna, so Vienna Sausage changed to Wienna Sausage eventually Wiener.
      So that is a very interesting point I think.


      1. Wien is the official German name for Vienna, but the W is pronounced like a V… and so it goes. I guess we’ve been sharing globally long before the Internet poked its nose into things :). The way they pronounce names of French origin in England is hilarious! The Americans too give French names their own twist.

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