Article #8: Goldie Blox (Encouraging Girls to Engineer)


Laissez Faire

goldiebloxAt first when I saw the Goldie Blox advertisements I was really mad that, yet again, there was a pastel washed toy marketed to girls.  On the other hand I was so elated that someone was fighting against the way the market puts all of the building toys in the designated boy aisle.      Then I read an article where the creator of Goldie Blox (an engineer herself) said that she wanted (and I paraphrase) the girls in the “girl aisle” to recognize the toy as for girls so that she would think, “Hey, this is a girl toy and I can play with this.”

Now, I really wish the toy stores and manufacturers would just stop categorizing toys altogether, but I get what the GB company is trying to accomplish even if it still drives me a little bonkers (but I do like the idea of other companies getting hit…

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