St. Patrick To Star In Snakes On A Plane Sequel

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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

snakesDo It Again Pictures announced today that they are going into production on a sequel to the 2006 non-blockbuster, Snakes on a Plane.  The action film will be released on St. Patrick’s Day 2016.

Samuel L. Jackson will not be back for the sequel.  Instead, the second installment will star St. Patrick, best known for driving the snakes out of Ireland (as well as for having a hard partying holiday named after him).

Why make a sequel to a movie that hardly anyone saw in the first place?

“Next year is the tenth anniversary of the original, so we thought we would capitalize on that,” Do It Again Pictures president Damon Javieux told this Modern Philosopher.  “Plus, there really aren’t any classic St. Patrick’s Day action movies out there, so my partner and I set out to right a screenplay that would rectify that situation.”

Javieux and his writing partner…

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