Nice surprise


Went to have lunch in a restaurant with my wife and came to this surprise. My book is on display. very very wonderful thing to see. if you like cats check them out in my book section is about my two cats Windows and Linux.
So afterwards I took a picture with the owner. And of course I was very glad to sign it for him.


へランチに行きました。そこに私の絵本がおいてあり驚きました。 店長さんと写真を撮りました。とってもうれしかったです。ありがとうございます。

8 thoughts on “Nice surprise

    1. Yes the original text book is in English, my novel love isn’t English. the cat book is also in Japanese. and the cat book will be coming out in Spanish soon.
      The link should be on my books page written in English for the English books and in Japanese for the Japanese titles


    2. Thank you so much for your interest. I’m out right now so that is why I can’t put these directly to this strings. when I get home I’ll be sure to add them


    3. I went ahead and separated my books on my book page to be more clear. I hope it helps.
      Here is my romance Book called Love :

      Here is my cat book in English :

      And again thank you for helping to make this blog better, to make my whole site better.


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