What do …

What do you think about Amazon’s free ebooks giveaway program? where I buy books and give them away randomly as people buy my books,  where you could be a winner by buying my book.
Is this something that would interest you guys,  my readers.

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5 thoughts on “What do …

  1. I haven’t had a chance to try it myself just yet, but the folks I’ve talked to about it seem overwhelmingly positive; prelim reports seem to indicate it causes sales from folks who click to try to win, then say “Ah, why not” and buy it if they weren’t lucky.

    Plus, any time someone is clicking your name, that’s a good thing. So can’t hurt to try it.

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  2. That sounds good.
    I don’t read books anymore. Not since I found the internet in the year 2010 when a friend gave me his laptop. I don’t watch tv either. It’s all internet.


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