Love isn’t magical.

This is an awesome blog, and an awesome post. thanks for following me I’m following you back as well because this is just awesome. This post made me follow you, because this is how I was thinking when I wrote Love my novel.

Cocktail girl's diary


Don’t let the title scare you off or make you judge me. Read on. I have a point.

For most of us Love is this unspoken, magical, spellbounding feeling that no one can really describe. Barely out of your teens and having spent hours watching movies like DDLJ or The Notebook, or reading The Fault in Our Stars or some random MB novel, we know what we want. Prince Charming aka our personal Mr Darcy. He is (in our heads) perfect in every humanly way possible.

But I say this. LOVE ISN’T MAGICAL.

And no I don’t say it out of spite or in an attempt to be anti-love.

I have come to the realization that love isn’t magical. Its not falling head over heels for someone. Or snapchatting 24*7 with that person. Its not about all those names you call each other. Or your facebook statuses. Or how…

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