OM you phsycic SOB

Last night, well yesterday OM (Opinionated Man) posted about how some bloggers were bitching that he reblogged them. Also that they were complaining and didn’t want him to reblog them. I chuckled at it and liked it. I may have even reblogged it. But then it happened, as if he knew but how could he know?

I got my own crazy person asking for me not to reblog their posts. And then this crazy person stated that I was stalking her blog for merely reblogging a few of her posts. And the hilarious point of it was that the blog post she decided to comment on was on why it was so hard to make friends.
Now I know, it sounds like I am bitching but I am not. She started to follow me so I followed back. Finding some of her posts interesting I reblogged them. Little was I to know that she was insane. So fair warning folks, don’t autmatically refollow people they may be crazy.
That is all.

5 thoughts on “OM you phsycic SOB

    1. Crazy isn’t it. I think part of it is that the children today have no idea how to communicate with people, and I say children which I meant in mind not in age. Good luck

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