“Because We Can!” – Scientists Are Crazy

Check out my water engine page, I’m trying to make that work so that I can stop terrorism, or at least slow it down. I think that’s a good enough reason. But then again what do I know I’m just one man

Insomnia, Nightmares and General Madness

Scientists bother me, sometimes. Not because I have issues with concepts relating to learning or explanation, or because I live in terror of the day they figure out how to implement worldwide chip implants so we all serve the Number of the Beast or because I suspect that we’re all going to be overrun by hideous mutations unleashed from their underground bunkers or because their genetically engineered super viruses will destroy us all.

It’s because a lot of them are lacking a simple logical process in their minds that differentiates between the idea that one can do something versus the idea that one should do something. They remind me of Sheldon Cooper and company. Here’s why:

Now, a lot of scientists are doing things that are a little more interesting – and thus potentially dangerous – than hooking their stereo and light switches up to the internet. But half the…

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2 thoughts on ““Because We Can!” – Scientists Are Crazy

    1. Any time. Keep the interesting stuff coming. Here is one for you, FDA protocols for drug testing have more false positives than the Japanese protocols, so why don’t they change the system to drugs safer?


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