New Comic Up!

Games of light and shadow, how some of us scorn the light and love the shadows. Get your strength from your weakness thereby eliminating your weakness.

LMG comic updates

Even the sun was so sad, he hid his face today! But remember, our story has only just begun! Don’t give up yet! (Zela won’t!)

As is proven here:

And I will post at least one Forgotten Road this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled! Remember to subscribe by email (on the blog) or to the RSS feed if you want to get updates for Forgotten Road (at least until I can decide on a schedule)!

Bye for now!

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7 thoughts on “New Comic Up!

    1. I think people press more than reblog because the press this button is there and you can only reblog by going into posts. But then I prefer reblog as it build stronger bonds with people. What do you think. And I love your comic.

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      1. Yes I like the reblog too because it Reposts the entire post which makes more sense to me, but I don’t like that you can only do one blog at a time, and of course, you can’t edit it at all, so if you only want to discuss one part of a long blog post, you are screwed! 😦

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      2. I have been able to reblog back to back blogs, so I don’t know about being able to reblog only one at a time. For editing and I have only done this once was when I wanted to pick apart a persons post and point out some errors or good points. Too much work and usually the person you are trying to communicate with is not interested in hearing you or listening to you.

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      3. I tested the reblog button today and for me it automatically made a new post on my blog and inserted the post I had reblogged in it, and when I tried to edit it, there was nothing there, I could only delete it.


      4. The edit button I did not explain clearly. What I do is copy and paste the blog into the reblog comment area and work with it there so the original is there but the editing of the original shows up on my comment about the reblog.

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