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Does anyone even care that most of the top books on Amazon were put there by paid for book reviews? Should a writer who wants to get his or her book out to the public seriously think about spending hundreds of dollars buying book reviews? These questions are posed to you, now answer them.


5 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Personally, I don’t see a lot of sense in it; the backlash regarding paid reviews tends to be pretty heavy duty and there’s a certain perception regarding the ethics involved that is unsavory to say the least. I can kind of understand; people typically pay to get good reviews, which may or may not be accurate, but then again, you can get free reviews with the same issues, and people who are paid to review things (but can add a publisher’s byline next to their name) are somehow considered above all that… despite serving the same function (and for more money, on average…)

    Overall, I don’t tend to think it’s worth the cost, either financially or reputation-wise, despite not finding it an innately reprehensible practice. There’s places one can submit to that offer free reviews, and once you can get people picking up the book, some of them are bound to put them up. You can also solicit reviews by supplying people with copies (though they are supposed to note in the review that they received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange) or try to get local readers or writers groups to give it a look over and post their thoughts.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    1. I see your point. now my follow up question would be how does somebody who doesn’t live in an English speaking country get people to review their work would you happen to have any advice or links to where I can get my book reviewed. Thank you


      1. Best advice I’ve got would be to do an internet search for “Book Reviewers” and start working down the list; also try searching “Book Reviews” in the tag search option on WordPress, try to find blogs that review material similar to yours, and send them polite, professional e-mails on the subject. Always offer a copy; if you’ve got an e-book format, you can either gift it to them via Amazon or e-mail them the PDF (once they accept or show interest, at least; never shotgun it out first thing). If they need a physical copy, the cheapest/easiest way is to buy it on Amazon and have it sent to them (thus ducking the international shipping, plus you’ll make some of it back on your own royalty to yourself.)

        Beyond that, some folks have had success with review groups over at Goodreads, and checking Facebook for people or groups relating to books and reading opens up a literal world of possibilities.

        The main things to remember: Always be polite and professional; always be sure your book relates to the potential reviewers’ interests; never ask them to buy a copy – yes, it means if they do review it, it won’t have the “verified purchase” mark, but it’s considered a trifle rude to say “Hey, spend $10 and give me a good review,” regardless of how pleasantly you phrase it… XD – and keep track of who and where you ask so you don’t end up nagging the same people repeatedly. Hope at least some of that is helpful.

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