400 pages in

Welcome back to my trudging through Game of thrones song of ice and fire. And it has become trudging now Dean has told me that some chapters just have to be read in order to get ahead and not miss an important story plot. But is that wpid-wp-1426675681462.jpgwhat we want when we read a book.

I mean I want a book that guides me, leads me, but takes me only so far without feeling tired. Now it could be that I have read so many fantasy books and books in general that I find this book tired rather than popping. But when you look at the reviews over 36k in reviews and holding strong at a 4.44 star rating.

But what is there that I am missing that warrants that the book receive such a ranking. This is one of the reasons because there is nothing in the reading that I have found that warrants anything higher than a 3 star may…be a 2.

I can already see you fuming thinking that while I am entitled to my opinion I am just wrong. Really? Am I wrong? Tell me what it is about the story that warrants it to be a great fantasy. Is it his story telling? Because it does not feel exciting just drones through, and it is not really vivid. Yes there are moments of greatness but most of it is just there.

Back to the reviews many of them require and beg for friends to get them excited about the work or the TV series getting them excited but on the other hand the negative reviews that I have read and No I have not read them all so take it as it is stated the reviews that I have read that are negative basically comment on the story, structure, and R.R. Martin’s inability to tell a good story.  Am I wrong? Tell me how?
Yes I have decided to read the next book after this one not because of the story. I want to see a character die. I have already talked about it. Until then I will trudge through this and see what I go through. See you all in the next hundred pages.

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5 thoughts on “400 pages in

      1. I just wish I had re-read my comment and removed the typo.

        My comment could have been interpreted a bit more harsher than I intended, I mean to say that I am looking forward to your finishing the book, and then I hope to chat with you about it.

        (To be clear, I’m not aggravated by your current neutral view on the book, that should make for some good discussions. I do like the book series, so I have a bias that I’ll have to be mindful of.)

        Anyway, good reading to you!

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