Annotated Audrey’s Adventures in Watercolor


Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

I’ve always had a fascination for watercolor paintings and art.  I love the blurred lines and the way the colors fade into one another.  Up until recently, I shied away from watercolor in my own work, as I found it difficult to use and for some reason I never thought it matched my style.

watercolor annotated audrey

Recently,  I gave watercolor another shot. Through this experience, I learned that although watercolors do create an aesthetic that is somewhat different from my typical work, the images can be altered to fit my style. As such, my personal preference is to use watercolor as a base and then finish the piece using other materials.


  • The watercolor pallet that I used to create these paintings dates back to the late nineties when I was in grade school. It is a student grade semi moist watercolor pallet by Prang.

  • The paper I used…

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