9 Authors who break boundaries.

I commented on this story. An interesting comment which is as follows. The link to the story is at the bottom.
I must say that I expected something completely different when I read the title of this article. I half expected the race and gay angle, which I did not mind but there was also the curiosity to that point that they were breaking ground in writing style, or at least in narrative style.
I do thank you as a bisexual male myself for bringing light to authors who are not your typical white author. But that is not, and or should not be the only reason for choosing authors to talk about. Yes these authors do hold the awards to warrant them to be good. But at times I wish that unknown authors such as myself would get some part of the limelight, if it is only a reflection from the greats.
I often wonder just how many great authors go unnoticed just because we do not win awards do to finding them to late or two restrictive to our works, but that in the end is the way the ball bounces.
Great post all the same.

9 Authors Who Break Boundaries with Indie Lit


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