Ew! I got it all over the place!

Insomnia, Nightmares and General Madness

blood dog

Had an interesting conversation with author, entrepreneur and general assistance fairy godmother Beth Barany today. Over the course of our talk, she asked what I write; “Primarily horror,” I said. “Though I’ve done some humor. A western. A romance. Of course, the humor is written by the devil, the western has a demon taking over a small town by possessing the preacher, and the romance is about werewolves. Not fluffy werewolves that make nice dogs and guardians, but the visceral, violent, primordial sorts. I can’t help it; I get monsters and blood and guts all over everything.”

She paused. Then told me that I’d found “it.”

What is “it”? It’s the thing that marks your brand – which is apparently something I’m bad at doing and something I need to learn to do better. It’s the thing that unites a group of “peeps,” as Ms. Barany put it… and finding…

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