Weapons NOT To Use in a Zombie Outbreak


I read and reviewed this book and I think you would find a lot of the stuff informational. & I think you will see that he agrees with you on alot things

Insomnia, Nightmares and General Madness

We’ve all seen The Walking DeadNight of the Living Dead or The Evil Dead. We’ve probably all sat and thought about how awesome we’d be during a zombie apocalypse, and might even have our escape plans, supplies and weapons all picked out and at the ready.

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to die.

Know why? Because the weapons popularized in these – and other – zombie flicks are just not going to be all that effective, at least not if you prefer to stay alive and unbitten. Here’s a few of the ultra-popular choices, and why you shouldn’t be using them.

The Shotgun

sawed off shotgun

Alright, we’re starting the list with one that’s almost workable, and probably the most well-known weapon of choice in case of living dead emergencies. The good ol’ shotgun. Whether you prefer full barrel or sawed-off, semi-auto or pump action, everyone has seen them, and everyone…

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