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As many of you know from my posts here and there about my novel Love. I recently was given the chance to talk BookCoverImagewith a friend who had read the book from cover to cover, what comes next is the full interview transcribed. There will be spoilers across the interview but not as much as to ruin the story for you. But again some people hate spoilers.

Before I get into the interview I must mention a few things as they may come up as you read it. Dean, my friend who took the time to let me interview him about my book is not a romance novel reader. He is into Fantasy and stuff like Sandman.  That being said he is also the one that is getting me to read Game of Thrones.  So when I asked him to read my work I was not surprised to find that it would take him a bit of time to read it by his own confession he is a slow reader.

So if you are ready the Interview is what follows.

Ok I am here with Dean and this is Love interview.

Question 1) What was the most interesting part of the book that impacted you the most?

Dean: Oh man I need to think about that. Like I told you before the chapter I enjoyed most was Flowers. I don’t know I just like that whole scene about the build up where he (Robert) was looking at the box and he came to these conclusions that there was an urn in it and how the old guy was treating it. I really liked it, cause it was written. I don’t know it was just so shocking. His (Robert’s) feelings were building up and were very shocked, where he could not believe that someone who spoke so highly of his dead wife would treat her that way. And then finds out like there is this big sudden twist, there was no kind of lead in, oh it’s not an urn it’s a time capsule.

Question 2) Looking at the cover, what’s your feeling about love  and this cover, is there any kind of draw from the actual imagery expressed in the picture now that you have read the story?

Dean: OK, well know that I’ve read the story with the actual idea of the story it looks like, it’s kind of a sad cover because it’s just after sunset and gives me the impression that something is over.

Followup question) Does it match for the story Love?BookCoverImage

Dean: Yeah,, I think it does, though I think without reading it, the cover might confuse some people, because what does love have to do with a sunset and a tree, but not only is it a tree but a tree that appears dead tree the season is like autumn or winter, and has the impressions of endings and dying.

A yeah but after reading the book the cover is very fitting.

Question 3) what is something that you felt that pushed you away from the story?

Dean: Well not so much the story but sometimes it was actually more grammatical references as the way it was written confused me. Because of that it took away from the story. It was like, why would he say it like that. For some reason when I got the book and because I know you I was picking up the book and approaching it more as an editor and not just a reader.

And so that, it was very interesting, I got a lot of input from you as I read it. Without that help I would be more frustrating for me. But because I know you I  took it more as an editor rather if I did not know you I would have taken  a different impression of the book.

Question 4)  Taking the protagonist Robert, What do you like, hate, despise, admire, anything about him?

Dean: It7s funny, do you know Catcher in the Rhye? (Yes, I do) I hated that book. I hated that book not because it was badly written but because the character was whiny. And people love that book and people talk about it all the time and it is taught in schools. And there are all these themes that are going on in it, but the whole time the character whines so much that I was not able to relate to that character.

So I think that was the issue that I had with Robert. That I couldn’t relate to him. The whole time that I am reading what he is going through, I am thinking man I would have dropped this lady a long time ago. Which actually would not have been entirely true, that was just my thought process. You know how it is like when you see someone else going through something like in third person and you are going like, what an idiot, but you could be going through that exact same situation yourself and be like I am different. That was kind of the thing about Robert. But it also kept me reading on, because I wanted to figure out where he would end up with  it. I wanted to see if he would get out of that head space, he just seemed to grovel all the time, which annoyed me. And there were times when he was like I am going to do this and get a backbone. That was the main thing I found about Robert, I wanted him to be stronger and stick up for himself more.

Follow up Question) Did he seem real?

Dean : Like I guess so. At the time reading the book I would think that no one ever acts like this, in retrospect I can see someone being like that.

Question 5) The Antagonist is a female that is never named throughout the book, even towards the end of the book she has no name. She has no name until the next book is released. How do you feel about that?

Dean: Um, that makes me, well knowing that there is a sequel now, it makes me want to read the second book. For me not knowing who the character is, is frustrating, and very one dimensional for her.

Question 6) She doesn’t get to speak until the end of the book, all the lines of her speaking throughout the book are through Robert’s mind’s eye. That being said and knowing that part about it, how do you feel Robert’s perception of her changed throughout the book?

Dean: I don’t think it changed much really. Oh you mean like for me? (Yes, for you.)  I didn’t get the impression that this was a journal which he had written down. It was more like his thoughts that were going through his head. Like sometimes it referenced that he was writing down in a journal but I didn’t get the impression that he was reading from the journal. Reading the journal as an afterthought, I had the impression more that he was writing it at the time or these were just thoughts that were going through his head that he would put in the journal at a later date.

Question 7) What’s your overall opinion of their relationship?

Dean: Well because his girlfriend slash wife was very one dimensional for me I felt that he should not be with her. Like for me I thought that his idea of love was needing someone because he needs that relationship and not so much the person herself.

Question 8) If you had to change one part of the book that would reveal more about her, what would you change, with the exception of her name?

Dean: Maybe…  some kind of situation where he was writing in his journal, where she wrote a letter to a friend and he finds it and transcribes it letter for letter in his journal. Where it is kind of like her side of the story through his side of the story, then you could give a bit more color to her side of the story. It could also be maybe he makes footnotes about the comments she made, kind of like Robert stating “that it is not how I saw it, I saw it this way.” Something like that.

Or from a friend maybe… A third person view somehow gets into his journal.

Me: A little bit hard for a journal. (I laugh)

Dean: Yeah. That is why the only thing that came up to me was he finds a letter.

Question 9) In the book, she proposes to him. It’s a role reversal, usually the male is the more dominant in a relationship, but in this book it is very clear that she is the more dominant one.  A proposal was given to him in a very unique form.  She wrote it in a letter. That being said would that proposal be taken seriously by anyone not in love or infatuated with another individual?

Dean: People are people. They do all sort of strange things for proposals. For myself I find it very strange to propose in a letter. It seems very teenager like.

Question 10) Would you recommend this book to anybody? And Why?

Dean: Yeah I would recommend it. Just simply, to borrow the words out of your mouth, it is a very different take on a love story. And yeah it would be for anyone who is tired of the same old style Romance novels, I have never seen anything like it before. It is definitely unique.

Me: Thank you very much.

Dean: Your welcome.

Find your copy in my Books page.

Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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