Are You Beautiful Or Average?…Don’t Lie!


This Is The Deal

They put up signs on entrances. One marked ‘Average,’ the other ‘Beautiful’. And people – oh who are we kidding – women – were spied on to see which entrance they chose to use.

All very nice, wild flowers, bunny rabbits and huggy-ness. Now, let’s assume they are referring to physical beauty (as they never clarify)…what is wrong in admitting you are average – if you are?

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and possibly nearly every mother, like some of the mothers featured in the video, would supportively shove their daughters through the ‘Beautiful’ door.

But if YOU yourself think you are average looking and it is FACT – why lie? We can’t all be ravishing beauties.

Sitting here, chowing down cave-woman style on some bread I made 2 days ago, I feel distinctly average. That’s okay. I’ll live.


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