Audio books, tell me your thoughts, good, bad, love them, hate them, advice on how best to market them, advice on why not to do them.
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9 thoughts on “Audio books YOUR THOUGHTS

  1. Audio books are nice- I love them actually. If the reader has nice voice I enjoy them while falling asleep- closing my eyes and relaxing outside or for long drives- they are perfect! That’s my two cents :))

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  2. I think an audio book can be a good thing… but I personally don’t know how great the market for them is. I suppose it depends on the audience for your material; if you’re aiming at thirtysomethings and write longer fiction, probably not as good as if you write something short and sweet or target an older or younger demographic (active thirtysomethings are much less likely to have the time to sit through 8+ hours, being my reasoning.)

    That said, if the production is done well and conveys the feeling and tone of the work, it can totally be worth the extra effort involved. Most of the Harry Potter recordings, or The Dark Tower are great examples. They’re very nuanced in ways that readers might not otherwise notice without the forced pace caused with an audio book, and a talented reader or cast can prove just as captivating in providing a voice for the characters as any blockbuster chock full of your favorite stars.

    Can’t hurt to try, at least; you might check out if you haven’t already, poke some rocks and see what turns up. Good luck!

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