The Light Is Gone

Your life, your words, these words, this life, mirror me, see me in them as I read them. This I do, but in the greatest darkness that is where we find our fire.
It is in that darkness I find my voice, my voice to write about love, about passion, about raw emotion that is just…so.
Thank you Any Bryde

Love Is The Highest Frequenzy We Can Emit

I have been without Internet in my apartment for almost one week. Yes I have my iPhone, but it’s not the same… I have to admit it is sad that I miss it! This is when I should spend my time nourishing my relationships.. But for what? I have been dreaming about suicide lately and caught myself thinking of it quite often. Neither good or safe. But there are a few of you who asked me to write a “follow” up on “Is There Light”. It’s kind of funny for me, since I never plan or go through my mind when I’m writing or looking for material.

Me light

I live this life 24/7, no escaping, no hiding, doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or rain. Mostly I’m just tired. But I can say that I have participated in enough of funerals to know to ask, what comes next?? Are you waiting for…

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