Blogging Silence: Blogging is not for the Lazy

So very true. You must write daily. Something anything that is of interest. AND here is a big AND: like and reblog others. The more you interact the more they interact with you. We are people after all.

Romance Done Write

Public domain via Pixabay Public domain via Pixabay

Something I’ve noticed over the past month: if I don’t post for the day or spend time surfing the blog-a-sphere, visits to my blog are nearly non-existent. By no means am I complaining, it’s just something I’ve noticed. I follow a couple of high follower blogs who give advice to new bloggers and what Suzie and Opinionated Man say is so true. Blogs with high volume views don’t happen overnight. They take hours upon hours upon hours…..of time and commitment and also immersing themselves in other’s blogs. Traffic to your blog takes work!

Again I’m not complaining about it, I like the blogging community. I started my blog for several reasons: I wanted to create a follow-ship that enjoyed my blog that one day would turn into a readership for my writing, it’s a place I can post my work so that my computer screen isn’t…

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