Co-authored Success

cool beans, I am barely breaking 50k words in the same amount of time. I think it would be harder to write a story with someone rather than alone. Man I need to get my ass in motion.

Author -Carole Parkes


Co-authored Success


I’m delighted to report my writing partner and I have just completed the first draft of our first co-authored book. We began writing together in the first week of February 2015 and completed our first draft of over 70,000 words in the first week of April. After nine weeks of creating the story, we are now in the process of editing.

I am amazed at this, as my co-author lives in Nebraska, USA, while I live in Lancashire, England. We met online when I had written ‘A Day in the Life of a Blogger’, and he was inspired by my short story to write the same story from one of my character’s point of view. Simply put, I wrote about a murder victim, he wrote the killer’s story, ‘The View From the Other Side’.

‘A Day in the Life of a blogger’ was later given a cover, and renamed  ‘A…

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