Check Out El Paso Comedian Jerry Karnes ‘El Malkreado’ “Jerry’s Joint” Web Show

Life of an El Paso Woman

Jerry 3

I got some laughs from “Jerry’s Joint” this morning 😀 The web show is for mature audiences only. Jerry and the crew include funny skits about weed, cops, Ascarate Park/Lake, dating and more!

If you’re ever in El Paso or living here, check out Jerry and his crew live most Tuesday nights at Coconut’s, 816 Piedras and/or on most Friday nights at Snap Plush Bar and Lounge, 4808 Dyer. Jerry also participates in other shows in the area. For more info, check out his page at: 

Jerry 5

El Paso comedians Al Lara, Beto Armenta and other comedians are featured in “Jerry’s Joint.” Feel free to out their page at:

Al hosts “Opulent Podcasts” on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Lara was recently featured here on Life of an El Paso Woman. Here is his page.

Happy Tuesday everyone and check it out when the kids are already in bed or…

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