Souldier Girl

Guess I need to get a grip
Guess I need to be harder
Tough like a rock
No storm shall wither
Straighten up and fly right
Little sister

…All these lies I told myself
Under the wool of a petticoat
With lace up boots
and a velvet bow
But the material scratched…
right into my sensitive soul
Revealing the innocence of a naked girl
…With no excuses left for truth
Smiles skip by, unhinged in twos
I don’t need a reminder of
how deep I miss you…
I watch my feet move
Attached to another body
I can not feel my heart
It floats in a transparent jar
Titled “random art”
The school year has started
The children dissect it
Unable to revive her …they retire exhausted
Make me a project
Alone on a park bench
The coat has blown away
All that is left
….just me…

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