Give me a death

I am contemplating a death of a character and what I was thinking was chronic anemia as the medicine for it can cause coma or death if there is a slight overdose,

Help me kill a character. Tell me what disease is silent, easily missed, and can cause death if left untreated. I do not not mean death in years more like death in a matter of six months to a year.

9 thoughts on “Give me a death

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    My own suggestion would be West Nile strains of encephalitis or meningitis; infection can happen without the victim being aware, the initial symptoms may often be ignored as “just not feeling well” or “having a touch of a bug,” and once it really hits, it’s often fatal and fairly quick. Anyone else got any ideas? (Comments disabled here; please visit the original blog to help play doctor!)

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    1. There is no possible way to get that infection into the book. good try though. I’m thinking first world capable disease with possible drug overdose leading to quick death or coma in to death depending on where the character is


  2. Depends on the age of the character. I myself have multiple medical issues, one being epilepsy. What about a seizure causing the character to hit his head in a way that kills him or for an older character, fall an break their hip, at the hospital they realize they can’t operate because of skin cancer so load them up on medicine but overdose the person and fall into a coma on a breathing machine never to pull out of it.

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