Musings #19: Grandmother Arrested for Leaving 13 Year Old to Watch Siblings in the Car

Laissez Faire

smashedwindowIn Georgia (USA) on April 26 on a day where the high temperature of the day was 85 degrees F at 6:30pm in the evening, a grandmother — a retired army veteran — left her 13 year old grandchild in charge of a ten year old and five year old sibling while she shopped in the Dollar general for about 40 minutes.   The children had been playing hard all day and didn’t want to pile into the store , rather wanting to wait in the car while their Grandmother went to buy beverages, snacks, and supplies.  Read the full story here.

“Good Samaritans” decided to call the police because all the windows were rolled up, and the grandmother now is not allowed to see her grandchildren pending an investigation.      The children were checked out by Emergency Medical Services and none showed any signs of distress, dehydration, or hyperthermia.

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