Why You Have To Finish Your Book!


Dawn of Desire – Joyce Verette

Say it isn’t so! I am posting a review of a “romantic-possibly-sex-laden-book” that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Dawn of Desire book cover image

So there is a back story to this book. By the time I was 12, I was reading at least one book a day, and when I made my weekly visit to my Grandma’s, I found this book. It was obvious that she hadn’t been reading it, so I “borrowed” it. And when you are 12 years old, anything and everything are possible. But even more than that, this story is GOOD. An arranged marriage, hoping for the best, and expecting the worst, murder, treason, and suspense. Two different nations, trying to unite to avoid a war.

Princess Nefrytaten and Prince Ameni are trying to save Egypt, and build it to what it should be. This story is seriously so good, that there is even…

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Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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