Fury Road a shitbox or a movie to watch.

In all honesty I would say, save your money and not watch it. I would compare it to the crap from the last installment of Fast and the furious with very little to no story and just car chasing mind numbing blowing things up.

The feminist bullshit that it is a feminist movie is just that Bullshit. The bullshit that Theron is a fresh strong female lead is just that bullshit.

Alien, Zena Warrior princess, Anna and the King, Thomas crown affair, the Matrix, all have had strong female roles and not one was raised as being a feminist movie. The reason Fury Road, this vile cesspool of shit water is, is because of one reason. Feminist is trending now and if Hollywood knows one thing it is how to get your money. And the sheeple that are modern Feminist will flock to the movie theater and watch the tripe.

Go ahead and leave your comments if you think I am wrong, if you think I am right. Have a discussion about feminism as I would say that I am a supporter of Feminism. Of the true feminism when it actually meant equal rights and not populated by liars who promote falsehoods, and shaming to quiet the opposition. Modern day Feminist who lie and shame are nothing but Cunts and Bitches. And if the words offend you then fuck off.

This is Jin Okubo

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