This is a sick thing to believe. If you do believe in Karma that would mean that people who are suffering deserve it. And while I would agree that seeing a pedophile suffer would bring some joy to me. I will not believe a system that states that a child deserved to be abused, raped or killed. And if you believe in Karma that is what you believe.
Jin Okubo

16 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Not everything is because of karma. Sometimes things happen randomly. Believing in karma does not leave out the possibility for other reasons for things happening.
    Karma doesn’t make people automatons. Everyone has a choice. A criminal has a choice, just like a good man. Even the gods cannot take your choice away.


      1. I do not mind the selective part that is not what makes the argument weak. What makes the argument weak is using free will or being selective in conjunction with Karma.
        And free will also destroys any god argument.
        Because if there is free will and you can do what you want then gods can not be all knowing. If they are all knowing then there is no free will.
        Same goes for Karma saying that we can choose when it applies and when it doesn’t means that it is worthless.
        Do you see it, get it?
        When fate, Karma, or the gods are invoked you must either take away your free will or dismiss them for your free will. Can’t have both. Just like Karma applies to the child getting abused or raped also applies to the murderer and in that sense a child who is abused or raped did something to deserve it and that is just a sick way of thinking if you believe in Karma.


  2. I already told you that the gods are not all knowing, but you didn’t listen to me. I also explained that not everything is karma, just as not everything is random. And you agreed that is true, but then you say it’s not true.
    I hope you continue to explore more and not be satisfied with your conclusions. I suggest Alan Watts! He is awesome.

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    1. Pardon the lateness of this reply as I wanted to ensure a proper answer.

      I can see where you may think that I agreed with you. I stated I do not mind the selective part. I also may agree that we are not automatons. Everyone makes their own choice in life. Even the randomness of life is something that I may agree with.
      But and it is a big BUT. You can not have both. Either you have Karma or you don’t. By stating that Karma only applies in some cases you make it arbitrary to the wishes of the person choosing when it is Karma and when it is random. It is being apologetic in order to sustain your belief system. Which is all well and good until you try to argue in support of your belief system. That is where it fails.

      In simpler terms it is saying: It is Karma except when it isn’t.
      Or it is God except when it isn’t.
      It is the flying speghetti Monster except when it isn’t.

      Do you see how it can be applied to anything and it just falls apart under direct questioning. Now I am not challenging your belief system. You believe what you want to believe in your own way. But now we are in discussion on a topic in a public view and we must look at things logically and form decent arguments in defense or in opposition. For that very reason you cannot have it both ways.
      To clarify: Either it is Karma always or there is no Karma. You cannot turn it on and off like a light switch.

      And to clarify for God: The minute you put a limitation on god, it stops being god. By definition GOD can do everything without limitations.

      Which is one of the reasons why I am an Atheist because there is no evidence on the god question. This is also why I do not believe in Karma as there is no evidence for it.

      The question I posed or wanted to pose through this post was the perception of Karma and how many people only see the fluffy pretty side of Karma and not the sadistic evil side that would state that a child deserved to be abused, raped or killed.
      I will always question and explore as logic and reason dictate us to learn more and explore more. Humans are curious creatures and our society has evolved just as we have. Both can be verified and proven true.
      Karma hasn’t. God hasn’t.
      I hope you can look more critically at Karma after this discussion and move past believing in Karma and randomness as both working when the other is not. Choose one and stand by your belief or keep both but know that trying to argue both only makes your argument weaker.
      Thank you so much for a very thoughtful discussion.
      And I love your comic. Keep them coming and let me know if you ever plan to put it on paper as I would love to buy a copy.


      1. If you apply your thoughts in karma to love then I guess I must love everyone equally or no one at all? I guess a car can only go fast or slow. I guess there is only one reason for every action? You see where your opinion falls apart?
        Thank you for your kind words about my work. I urge you to explore more about your world instead of assuming!


      2. The physics of how a car work are understood and proven.
        The idea of love does not dictate events in our life. For example we don’t say oh the rain is happening because of love.
        But people do say I stubbed my toe. It must be Karma coming back on me.
        Please do not try to falsely equate things.

        I stated: In simpler terms it is saying: It is Karma except when it isn’t.
        Or it is God except when it isn’t.
        It is the flying speghetti Monster except when it isn’t.

        which are all things people use as reasons for why things are happening that they do not understand or that they do not want to accept.

        Using your love argument does not equate. Using the car argument also does not equate.
        But since you want to try and bring the reality of Karma. I would ask for one verifiable experiment where it is Karma. Something that anyone, any person of any faith or no faith can test and when the testing is done all say, yup that is Karma.
        That is what exploring the world and not assuming is. I do explore the world and test ideas. That is what science does. So please provide one verifiable proof or test for Karma.


      3. Testable brain scans provide proof that you can and are thinking. Emotions are human constructs built around our society. There are plenty of social experiments that prove how emotions work.
        Still the concept of oh I love and love cannot be quantified, that is not really true. People growing up in a society learn from society to love certain things, to feel a certain way. It is how a society prospers.
        But that answer will not satisfy you as you are using a form of apologetic commonly used by religious people and creationist who always move the goal post.
        Please respond if you want to continue this conversation, I would recommend that you don’t as I can get really deep into this argument and have been down this rabbit hole before.
        I would suggest we end it here, just because I have lost friends over this argument and though I am open to changing my mind with proof most apologetics of a certain belief are not.
        So thank you for the conversation. If you want to continue it then I will, and I will list the top apologetic arguments and how they are used as you seem to be using the same script as religious people I have debated.


      1. I’m not afraid or ashamed to ask the beings stronger than me for help. I do what I can for myself, but I know there are endless things I can’t do. The bodhisattvas and gods may not speak to everyone; I don’t know. But if a person doesn’t listen, no one will speak to that person. Why should they? It’s as if you think they have no feelings or thoughts. All we really are are our thoughts. We are all experiences, and not much else. Don’t be surprised if no one talks to you if you won’t listen.


      2. As with my other comment. Are you sure you want to continue this conversation?
        There has been scientific research on prayer and it found that it does not work.
        I am asking please walk away from the argument as I can get brutal especially when people tend to use apologetic arguments. I will not hold back. Thank you


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