Book Review: The Stranger (Spoilers)

Erika in Bookventureland

Title: The Stranger (L’Etranger)

Author: Albert Camus

Genre: Classics, Philosophy

Publication date/year: 1942 (first edition)

Pages: 123 (Paperback)

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


This is my first time reading an Albert Camus novel and I am actually unsure on how to write a review for this particular book.  Originally written in French, The Stranger is divided in two parts: the first part focuses on Meurseult before he commits the crime, leading to the moment he shoots the Arab and the second part is focused on his trial leading to his death sentence.

Despite liking this book I actually had a difficult time reading it, though not in a sense where I don’t understand the language.  It was more of my lack of comprehension of the meaning behind it. Readers tend to have different interpretations on particular books that they read, and I am one of those who is…

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