Do You Still Read “Real” Books?

Yes, pdf’s are nice but real books bring something long lasting to the story. This is also why I will always have a print copy of my novels.

At least, that is what I was asked. I am pretty sure that they were referring to e-books versus physical books, but I did have to chuckle. I always swore I would never have an e-reader, and only read “real” books.

I also could not count the number of books; really, really good books, that I have read that were only in an electronic format. I would not have had the opportunity to read those books if I completely relied on printed books.

Now, I also still have every intention of having a library in my home when I have the spare room available for it. I could think of nothing I would enjoy more than a comfortable chair, a soft light, fluffy rug, warm fireplace, and every wall full of bookcases stacked with books. My favorite books, the classics, and books I have not read yet.

One of my favorites! One of my…

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One thought on “Do You Still Read “Real” Books?

  1. Some books aren’t available for e reader so I ding have a choice! But those books are usually educational and I have to highlight text or write in the margins anyway! So it’s just as well. But, it’s easy to ruin them. The ebook can’t get a hole in it or the ink washed away! 😖

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