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I visited the Franklin Institute today and it has proven to be an experience that has left me thinking. At this statue of Benjamin Franklin, it is stated that Benjamin Franklin regretted being born too early because he wanted to be in a time when America has evolved long after it was founded. In a way, I can relate to this statement because I often wonder how the world will evolve long after my time. What technology will be developed? How will society change over time? How will we change as a species? These after questions that have heavily influenced the creation of my upcoming sequel trilogy of my series.

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Published by Jin Okubo

I am an Indie Author. Fresh on the scene. I published my first two books thanks to Amazon Kindle. And I have published using createspace and keep on publishing. Currently I am working on my follow up novel to my romance novella Love. A strange person I am trying to tell stories from the inside out where the reader can live the life rather than just read it.

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