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English Books


Amber Light Memories

The time is now. The place is Japan. Mark is living the only life he knows or can remember. He does not spend any more time away from his box-like apartment than is needed. There was always the fear that he might miss the lifestyle that he chose for himself. That is about to change. It all is about change because of her. After a long time, he has found love again—or is it the same love? All he knows is that Masumi has the eyes that he yearns for. Masumi also comes with a past that she herself does not even know. The world is about to unravel to show what lies behind this natural world we think we know. Memories kicks off the Amber Light series in a way never done before. Dive into this story head-first for the world where everything is what it is…unless it isn’t what is it. Follow the lives of these two young lovers as they piece together the happiness that we all strive to have.

Amber Light Memories

Love, the first side of my romance novel. I see love as a bond between two people, a couple whose souls have been mixed into one, a melding of minds. But like a couple, even when they are two people as one, both tell BookCoverImagethe story from a different side. I have taken those sides and made a book for each. The first being Love   is told from the point of view of a man, Robert. The second in the series to be released later this year.

Paperback Love


Ebook Love

And now you can find it on Barnes and Noble online at
Paperback Barnes and Noble: Love

Windows and Linux's Adventure

Windows and Linux’s adventure. Have a run through the life of two cats learning about the meaning of family and finding their one true home. A great book for any family and cat lovers  .

Paperback Windows and Linux’s Adventure


Japanese Books





Windows and Linux's Adventureウィンドーズとリニックスの冒険


日本語版 Japanese Books




英語版のAMAZONリンク:Windows and Linux’s Adventure.


申し訳ありませんが、日本のAMAZONでは取り扱いがないため、アメリカのAMAZON サイトよりご注文ください。平安堂書店からも注文できます。

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