SuperGirl… Sucks

If the pilot for the show is any indication then the facts are in. The true reason for such a low turnout of women based shows and stars is very simple.

The writing sucks.

The writing sucks,

The writing really really sucks.

It is not because it is a woman show, it is not anti-feminist, it is simple. The writing sucks.

When you get past all the exposition they tried to cram into the beginning, and then past the whole I am normal and have all these issues type of whining. Then you get to some action and the story sucks.

Basically a blind monkey jerking off into a tissue box could produce better plot lines and character buildup rather then this tripe.

The sad part of this is simple, they will keep this show going, not because it is good, but rather for fear of the feminist retribution for cancelling something that is crap.

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